Kandokav - Special Issue on Roy Bhaskar

As we were preparing the first issue for this new period of publication, the untimely death of Roy Bhaskar, prompted us to first publish a special issue on his philosophy of science as an attempt at celebrating the importance of his philosophical contributions to Marxism.
What follows is the second part of an introduction to Roy Bhaskar's views on philosophy of science. In the first section, Critical Realism was introduced mostly by its views on science of nature. Here in this second part, we continue with Critical Naturalism and Bhaskar's views on Social Sciences.
It must be asked, today, do we have an integrated and consistent Marxist Philosophy? If the answer is no, then we should ask ourselves should we attempt at developing one? What does it mean anyway to develop a Marxist Philosophy? Is it indeed possible to build such a philosophy? What follows reviews Roy Bhaskar's answers to the above question.
As the above essay has shown my main aim was to highlight the links between Roy Bhaskar's Critical Realism and Marxism and show the contributions made by this philosophy of science to the efforts in rebuilding Marxism.