A book review
The Myth of Lenin's "Concept of the Party" or "What they did to What Is to be Done?"   Hal Draper here examines "What is to be Done" for a concept of the party and Lenin's views and practices in the period between its publication and the Russian Revolution. Because of the relevance of this article to the discussion of the role of the party in International Socialist Forums we reprint here with permission.
A review of Lenin's State and Revolution
The Gulag Archipelago is a book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn about the Soviet forced labour camp system. The three-volume book is a narrative relying on eyewitness testimony and primary research material, as well as the author's own experiences as a prisoner in a gulag labor camp. Written between 1958 and 1968, it was published in the West in 1973.
"The Question of Stalin" - A review of a pamphlet by M.R. by Samad Rad (Torab Saleth)
A review of Women's Oppression in Iran by Azar Asi and Foroogh Rad
Soltanzadeh's Work