About Us

Kandokav is a journal of Revolutionary Socialist Tendency in Iran (RSTI).

Kandokav started in the early 1970s as a journal of revolutionary socialist currents within the Iranian student movement abroad. It published 9 issues in the period up to the Iranian revolution of 1979. After the revolution it began its second period as a theoretical journal of the Iranian Section of the USecFI (Socialist Workers Party of Iran). It was banned after its first issue by the Islamic regime although it published 6 clandestine collections up to 1982. The main group behind it left the USecFI in 1985 and went into a regroupment project with other revolutionary socialist tendencies. This resulted in another journal, Socialism Va Enghelab (Socialism & Revolution – 8 issues in the 1980s). They were also involved in launching International Socialist Forum (1989-93) , an international discussion bulletin of revolutionary socialists (4 issues).

Although we defend that tradition and have amongst us individuals who were in its founding group  we are neither its sole representation  nor are we responsible for all its past.

kandokav resumes its third period standing on the same platform as when it started in the 70s and will continue within the same revolutionary socialist project that has marked the activity of its writers since the close of its second period. It aims to become the theoretical, political and polemical journal  of revolutionary socialists in Iran and will try to do its share of helping the theoretical, programmatic and organisational formation of this tendency in Iran. It does not therefore belong to any of the existing organisations and it does not necessarily stand against any of them either, but will collaborate with all who naturally belong to this tendency no matter their current affiliations.

Site Policy:   For all future issues all articles will be freely available online to read or download, although kandokav also plans to publish a printed version for those individuals, libraries and institutions which require the printed form. For past issues most articles will only be available as downloadable pdf files which will be uploaded to the site depending on availability.   Kandokav is a bilingual site in the sense that it will allow an English reader to have access to at least all the header information for every issue and article. Full translations of individual articles may, however, depend on requests.

Kandokav, in so far as possible or permitted, will also reflect in its site other past or present journals which consider themselves to be part of the same spectrum.