What follows is the second part of an introduction to Roy Bhaskar's views on philosophy of science. In the first section, Critical Realism was introduced mostly by its views on science of nature. Here in this second part, we continue with Critical Naturalism and Bhaskar's views on Social Sciences.
Chapter 1 - Critical Realism and Marxist Philosophy
Kandokav - Special Issue on Roy Bhaskar
Why Marx Was Right
Theses of Resistance
“Closed Systems” and the “Pure Capitalist Society”
The Standpoint of the Theoretician
Marx and the Basis of Choosing the Proletariat as the Only Revolutionary Subject
Theoretical Tourism or Consistency of Views
Is there a Marxist Philosophy
Leon Trotsky's Contribution to Marxist Theory and Praxis
Marxism and Revolution
Both Science and Philosophy
George Lukacs - un marxisme de la subjectivité révolutionnaire
Socialism and Democracy
Marx's Conception of Science

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